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Another Hiatus

Another undetermined hiatus.  My computer has reached the point that it can no longer handle intense graphics that you would find in Second Life and high end games.  Many other issues tie all my problems to the motherboard and I’m not sure when I can find another one.  I may log in from time to time on a borrowed computer, but I won’t have time to take photos and put them up on the blog.  So until I can fix my computer, you may not see any updates for a while.   In the meantime, there are many other freebie related blogs that are updated more frequently than this one.   FabFree being one of them.
My friend Atherina Rhapsody, who has modeled some of the items I’ve featured previously, may step in for me when she has time.  Right now, her First Life is extremely hectic so you may not see any posts from her for awhile.  Thank you for your understanding.


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